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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another bit of advice!

Firstly - sorry to regular readers for the long break!! It has been a very crazy November for me and I've been away doing a range of different things.

Now I'm back and I found this in a longer article/advice column by the Brooklyn Eagle

Go to this link for her full article Brooklyn Eagle

'I am 35 years old and while not a parent yet myself, I follow your weekly columns religiously. How did you know you were ready to become a parent? I feel as though I am waiting for some sort of sign and growing a bit worried that the sign may not come in time.

Sorry, but I don’t think those signs come. At 35 years old, time is limited. (As if you don’t know this.) At the risk of repeating myself, I would say that if you’ve enjoyed the first book of life, then to go on to the next book, which is really rewarding and exciting. The second book is a full series, and it’s different from the last. If you don't have children, you stick with the same book, and that can go on and on and get repetitive.
Certainly, no one should have a child if he or she doesn’t want to. For me, the richness of life comes from the unfolding series. I don’t know if you have a partner or not, but it might help you solidify the decision by taking small steps like getting your hormone levels checked, and then see how you feel as you're gathering this information. Are you excited? If you're passionate or totally uninterested in the information, those could be signs, as well. By the way, holding somebody else's baby or sitting on a park bench at the playground or going to a kid-friendly restaurant won't necessarily help the decision-making process. It may well have the opposite effect! When you think of yourself at 50, if you see a child or two sitting at the breakfast table with you, get moving. And good luck.'