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What are the implications of growing older without children? ONS report

In the UK, the Office of National Statistics published a report claiming that the rise of adults without children will lead to a demand for paid for care services for elderly people called Implications of Childlessness Amonst Tomorrows Older Population It resulted in a number of sensationalist headline news articles in papers such asSky News - Number of elderly women rising and we risk sleepwalking into a crisisThe Telegraph - Childless elderly women set to trebleThe report points out that women born in the peak of the 1960s baby boom (currently aged in their mid-50s) are twice as likely not to have had children as women born post-WW2 (currently aged in their mid-70s).  High levels of childlessness among the 1960s baby boomers combined with increases in life expectancy mean there will be many older people in the future who do not have adult children.As the authors summarise this is bound to lead to more older people needing paid care in the future because adult children are the most li…

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