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Reflections on a year

In 2020, I wrote very few blog posts ... I didn't even write one for New Year's day in 2020 and .  Two years ago, I had posted a article piece written by a writer, Michelle Hebert Boyd from Nova Scotia  called Baby or Not: Reflections on the Baby Decision     In February, I was finishing a series of coaching sessions with a client in the City of London who was  planning a round the world trip in 2020 to start in March.  She had left her high-profile job in finance and wanted some coaching so that her year of travel would be more than just a lovely trip but it would be a year that she could use to explore and plan her future beyond 2021.  The Covid-19 breakout in China was just a item on the news.  It seems remote. Far away.  Slightly worrying but not overly relevant to us. She was due to set off in March and we finished our coaching by the end of February.  I wished her well and continued to coach other clients for the first couple weeks in March. Then Covid hit.  It felt like

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