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What is platonic co-parenting? Is this an option for you?

When I first started 'Maybe Baby' coaching, 13 years ago, platonic co-parenting was not very well known outside the LGBTQ+ community.   I had know lesbians and gay men who had wanted children and decided to get together to have and raise a child together.  It seemed to me at the time that this would be a good arrangement for heterosexual people who wanted to have children with someone else but who didn' have a partners who wanted children.  This was an option that I would suggest to my clients who were single and felt they wanted children but really didn't want to be a single parent.  It can be daunting to imagine being a single parent, to have all the responsiblilty - the financial and emotional responsibility for having a child.   For many people, the possibility of having someone to share this with can make all the difference. The benefits and pitfalls of co-parenting: Benefits: Having emotional support with parenting. Having financial support. Some women feel that h

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