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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Worried about not giving parents grand-children

Sometimes guilt about not providing grand-children for our parents - particularly for those of us who come from more traditional cultures can play a part in the struggle to make the decision to have children or not. This was good advice from a columnist in the Saturday Guardian.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Challenging the stereotype of childfree people as 'not being capable'

This is a great article 'I can take care of myself and I still don't want children' which challenges the notion that childfree people are somehow not about to look after themselves, that they are somehow less responsible, less mature or less able.

I think this is a really important point to make - both for childfree people and parents.  Because if we perpetrate the myth that parents are people who are more 'together' then we do a disservice to both groups of people.  One common fear I hear amongst my clients who are considering having children is that they are not good enough to be parents, not together enough.  For me, that's a big saboteur thought - many people who do have kids are not totally 'together,'  mature, sorted etc. etc.  And they can still be parents - imperfect as all parents all

Equally, people choosing to be childfree are equally capable of being responsible, together and mature - except when they are not of course!  No one is 'perfect' - we all have failings.

Accepting that to be human is to be fallible is important - and our life choices we make in regards to having children or not don't reflect whether we are 'good' and together people or not.

One of my aims as a coach is to facilitate people to accept themselves and their imperfections - regardless of whether they have children or not.