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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Single Girl's Guide to Egg Freezing

One option that you can explore if you are really stuck and struggling with the decision is to freeze your eggs for the future.  Now, as I have said elsewhere in this blog, I think that this option does have some downsides.  However, it is something that is worthwhile exploring to see if it is right for you.  I got this email from Effsie who has written a book about this and she would like to share it with readers of this blog. 

"The Single Girl's Guide To Egg Freezing" looks at my decision to have my
eggs frozen, along with the emotional and practical journey that came with
it (with quite a few road bumps along the way). I wrote it as I wished
there had been a similar resource available for me to use when I started on
my journey, so I created this book to pass on everything that I learnt to
others who may want to follow a similar route.

Do feel free to share it as a resource with anyone who you think stands to

You can read the opening chapter here

With very best wishes Effsie.

It looks like an interesting guide written by someone with personal experience. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Should I have a child on my own?

The question of whether they should have a child on their own is one that clients sometimes bring to coaching.  Usually this is because a relationship has broken down (often due to disagreeing on whether to have children or not) or because they haven't met the right person to have a child with.  It can often seem like a daunting idea and women who are exploring this as an option may find themselve not receiving support from friends and family.  That's why I think it's important to find good role models of women who have done this.  I recently came across this short piece called 'I choose to have a child on my own and I wouldn't change a thing'  from a women who decided to 'go it on her own'.  Interesting article!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Offbeat families - Couple breaking up over the decision to have children

I found this great little website called Off Beat Families.  In this article, a couple has produced a music video on the breakup of their marriage due to not being able to agree whether they will have kids or not.

I also love the idea of a website featuring different kids of families - I always like to recommend my coaching clients find different examples of different types of families and ways to be a parent.  Sometimes my clients actually do want to have children - they just don't want all the baggage that comes with feeling like they have to fit into a traditional, conventional parenting role.

Yay for Offbeat families!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 - the year you make the decision to have children or not!

Welcome to 2013!

I've had a two week break - hooray!  I'm now gearing up to start writing on this blog (alot more often than in 2012!) and have a week full of seeing coaching clients who have committed to resolving the 'baby decision' this year.

SO, what would you like to resolve to sort out this year?

Is this the year you will finally make the decision whether to have children or be child-free?

Will you finally end the continual loop of 'will I/won't I' that's going round in your head?

Some of my blog readers find all they need here on the blog or through reading other books/blogs to help them make the decision.  And some blog readers find one-to-one coaching helps them make a decision and move on from the state of limbo (which is often accompanied by stress/anxiety/worry) by one-to-one coaching.  If you would like one-to-one coaching, I offer an initial free 30 minute consultation via Skype or telephone.  You can then decide whether you want coaching.  I see face-to-face clients in London, UK and I also see telephone/Skype clients from all over the world. Check out my coaching website at for more info about me and how I work.

Looking forward to connecting to you all through the blog during 2013!