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Monday, 24 September 2012

Answering the question 'When are you going to have kids?'

The Huffington Post often has good and relevant articles on the the issue of having or not having kids.  I came across this great article

It has some light-hearted advice for couples finding themselves on the receiving end of this question!

'Whether you have decided to wait a while, or are choosing not to have children at all, it's smart to prepare yourself (and your spouse) to joust questions on the subject numerous times. Being prepared and united as a couple on the topic of babies can minimize the impact of family questioning on your relationship'

I couldn't agree more!!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

If you don't want children but your partner does (part 2)

So what do you do if think you don't want children but your partner does?

One of the big reasons clients who are in this position cite for contacting me is because they want to really explore and get clear to themselves intially that they are making this decision for postive reasons - as one client put it  'because they are moving towards something positive not running away from something'.  Sometimes clients do go through this process and realise they have been influences by old fears or beliefs that they challenge.  Once they do this, they may decide that actually they do want children.  And other clients go through the process, look at and challenge their fears but realise utlimately there are many positive reasons they wish to stay childfree.  Either way, it is a relief to know that that you are making a positve choice.

 If you know that you are not being led by old fears or beliefs, I would suggest that you do some writing about why not having children is a positive decision for you.  Some of my clients find that when they get really clear about their reasons for being childfree and in a positive way, this helps their partners understand their decision.  How does this decision fit in with your values and your vision on how you want to live your life.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Do men worry about their biological clock?

I'm back now from my August vacation/holiday ~ and getting back into the swing of blogging again!

I saw this while I was away and thought it was an interesting article.  Even though it is now thought that a man's age plays a part in fertility and in the higher risk for having a child with a disability, it seems that men are not likely to worry about their biological clocks.