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Friday, 20 February 2009

Deciding not to have children

Several features appeared in last weeks Observer Woman Magazine on the decision not to have children and be childfree.

Here is columnist Polly Vernon explaining why she doesn't want to have children.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Blaming Feminism

Here is a link to an excellent post by blogger Hugo Schwyer

He critiques the arguement made by Zoe Lewis in a recent Times article that feminsm is to blame for her not having children.

I am very, very, very aware of the dangers of having this discussion around the decision to have children or not. I've heard too many times that it is the feminist movement that is to blame for women leaving the decision to having children too late!! As a committed feminst, I too disagree with Lewis's arguement.

Where I do think there is a problem is that much feminist theory today - unlike 1st wave feminism - as tended to negate/ignore personal issues around motherhood and fertility. Too often, I've been in meetings with feminist colleague where there has been a concern not to 'align' ourselves too closely with motherhood or fertility - as these are areas where women find themselves regated. Yet, in ignoring many women's concerns of fertility, relationships, etc - we allow anti-feminists to claim that ground! We also don't allow us to posit the wide range of options for having families or not - for living child-free lives, for fostering, adoption.

I'm curious to see whether anyone else is exploring issues to do with the decision to have children or fertility from a feminist standpoint.