Coaching and embracing a child-free life: Thoughts in the Sunday Telegraph

Last weekend, I appeared in a story written by Rosie Mullender about her experience of coaching with me and how she embraced her decision to be childfree.  I was so pleased to be able to share some of what I have leant over the past 14 years of coaching women on this issue.  It was also wonderful to see how Rosie has been on her journey since we worked together.  Over the years, many women I have coached have sent me emails to let me know how their life has worked out for them.  If they decided to have children, they sometimes send me photos of their little ones and if they decided, like Rosie, to remain childfree, I will get a update on what they are doing with their lives.  It's such a gift for me to be able to be alongside them on this important decision. I hope this article inspires and helps my readers on this blog! 

@childfreebychoice Brilliant article!  To see an article about choosing to be #childfree in the media without any comments such as “she’ll regret it” is so encouraging. 

Women - you have the choice to have kids.  If pressure from outside sources is removed, what do YOU want? 

@childfreebc Great article, absolutely fantastic to see this raised in media.  Your key questions to women who are on the fence are also brilliant. Thank you for sharing

@S0inconceivable Love these tips. Thank you for sharing!


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