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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Flying Solo - Documentary

Just finished watching this fantastic (if abit long!!) documentary on the BBC, Flying Solo - Confessions of a Free Woman. The filmaker, Jennifer Fox turned the camera on herself and her life decisions - one of those was around having children.

I had to check out her website and she has a blog - and it's actually kept up to date! Woo hoo!!

So this post 'So I forgot to have children or did I? And what I like about it is how thoughtful it is on the issue - from the perspective of someone who has tried to conceive and who now is thinking what it might mean not to have children - after wanting them so much.

1 comment: said...

Hi - thanks so much for pointing me in the direction of this blog, nice to know that other people are ok about not having children too.
Great blog and great niche by the way, I'm also a life coach and train others too - this is definately a niche that's needed in my opinion - good luck.