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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sterotypes of Childfree Women

I came across this witty column looking at one of the most silly sterotypes of women who are childfree - that of the 'Crazy Cat Lady'.

The columnist is great - really funny but points out that men who don't have children and who are into dogs are not tarred with the 'Crazy Dog Man' sterotype - far from it, they are considered butch and alpha male!

As regular readers to this blog know, I hate steretyping of both the childfree and parents - it's far too easy to sling silly insults at people who have choosen a different path in life!!

1 comment:

LDP said...

Crazy cat lady ! also linked to lesbianism I believe. stereotype of wearing birkenstocks & being a "granola". I have met & loved many a crazy cat lady...

No matter how many pets I have - do not replace the children I don't have. Cats by their nature are not a great replacement...