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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A view from a man wanting kids (or maybe not?)

I don't often read articles by men who are thinking abou the baby decision.

But this article in the Observer Women's Magazine caught my eye. The author talks about how he wonders if he has left it too late - wondering if he should have taken the decision to start a family earlier.

Most of my clients are women - and I've never been contacted by a man. But do you (or are you) know men who are struggling with this issue?

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931dm said...

We certainly do think about it, but we also know it's all about "a WOMAN's RIGHT to CHOOSE." Our opinions only matter if our partners want them to matter. Yes, I have been in many committed relationships so I know that it is essentially a mutual decision, but that's the same thing as saying that women in Muslim countries essentially have rights because their husbands sometimes allow them.

Having power and being granted power contingently are not the same. This becomes apparent when you consider accidental births (which by some estimates are 1/3 of all US births or nearly 1/2 in some populations). If I want the baby, she can abort it. If I don't want it, she can birth it and lock me in for 18 years. Men have no power in this.