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Saturday, 30 January 2010

A balancing act

Oh dear! I have realised I haven't done a blog entry for a whole month!!

I have been extremely busy in January -many new coaching clients and consultancy work keeping me very active!

Anyway, I found this interesting article in an Australian paper about the difficulties facing working mothers - reflecting a concern faced by career women trying to make the decision whether to have kids or not.


Sara said...

Thank you for another really interesting read, it illustrates perfectly the dilemmas I feel I'm faced with - although I eventually did decide to have a baby and am now 4 months pregnant, I am still very unsure about how the whole work-life balance will pan out once baby is there...

Sara said...

It's really too bad that we feel like we have to do EVERYTHING or else we're a failure. Women should feel free to choose full time career and no children or full time motherhood and no career without feeling guilty about not doing both.

Beth said...

Yes, I agree Sara - it is really not a good situation women find ourselves in