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Monday, 20 June 2011

Will I regret not havng children?

Many of my coaching clients come to me concerned whether they will regret their decision not to have children?

I found this excellent article in the New York Times on regret and decision making. The outcome seems to be that people who deal best with decision making are those that can see the decisions they make within context and can see the complexity of those decisions. People that dwell on the lives they could have lead tend not to deal with regret so well.

My belief around regret is that when we make decisions as best as we can at the time, with the most positive belief AND with a feeling that we are choosing whatever choice we are making (as opposed to being the passive victim of a situation) we are much less likely to feel regret.


Sue Fagalde Lick said...

I think the problem is that many of us don't make a definite decision. We just kind of let it happen--or we let someone else decide for us, and then we definitely feel regret.

Beth said...

Yes, I think that is an excellent point Sue - that's the problem I see too.