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Thursday, 24 November 2011

How to make the decision to have children or not?

I was interested to see this query on the advice section of the internet Dating Agency E-Harmony. His query is this:

'How is a rational decision made on whether to have (biological) children?

I am in my search for a life partner and kid(s) is/are one of the major decisions. I could choose a lady without children who would like to have them. Or, I could date/marry a single mother who prefers not to have any more children, or a woman who does not want them at all.'

Personally, I think the problem is in the word 'rational'. The decision to have children or not is rarely strictly a rational decision. Emotions and gut feelings are always involved. (Interestingly, I went to a conference on Coaching & Neuroscience and one of the speakers pointed out that no decision we make is free of emotion or is purely rational)


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Beth said...

Thanks so much! I am always glad to hear from readers of the blog - stop by again!