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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making the decision to have a baby using a sperm donor

I found this interview with the director of a new Indian film called Vicky Donor. It looks like a great film - and the topic is all about the issue which is still a taboo subject in India of sperm donation. The director says:

"The incidence of childless couples in Mumbai alone for example for 1982 to 2002 has grown by 50% and there are a lot of people out there and women out there who back what I'm saying. There's always this need to have children. I sometimes feel the need to have a child. I want to get married and have a child someday and what happens to us when we can't? Do we adopt or do we get the sperm from a sperm bank? It's a tough decision."

What the director does speak to is how do you make a decision to have a baby or not when you can't? I often get calls from women (and sometimes couples) who have wanted children but then don't know if they want them enough to go down the route of IVF or egg/sperm donation.

I'm also very interested in this because recently I've had several people call me from India and it shows how things are indeed changing on the Indian sub-Continent.

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