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Monday, 22 October 2012

Should I marry somone who doesn't want children?

Here is a piece of good advice from another woman wondering whether to marry someone who doesn't want children.

I give people in relationships similiar guidance as the author of the advice column said in her article:

'Together you could discuss what your relationship will be like if you do not have children. What can you see yourselves doing? What might you enjoy as a couple? I am assuming from your question that you want children, but it may be worth thinking about how much you do want a family and whether you would be genuinely happy with him in a childless relationship.'

If you can work together with your partner to create a vision of your relationship without children, that is a good place to start.  You might also find you need to do some individual work on your own to discover whether you really do want children.  I often work with women in this situation and one of the reasons they come to me first (rather than go straight into couples therapy or coaching) in order to really get clear whether they want a family or not. 

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