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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Single Girl's Guide to Egg Freezing

One option that you can explore if you are really stuck and struggling with the decision is to freeze your eggs for the future.  Now, as I have said elsewhere in this blog, I think that this option does have some downsides.  However, it is something that is worthwhile exploring to see if it is right for you.  I got this email from Effsie who has written a book about this and she would like to share it with readers of this blog. 

"The Single Girl's Guide To Egg Freezing" looks at my decision to have my
eggs frozen, along with the emotional and practical journey that came with
it (with quite a few road bumps along the way). I wrote it as I wished
there had been a similar resource available for me to use when I started on
my journey, so I created this book to pass on everything that I learnt to
others who may want to follow a similar route.

Do feel free to share it as a resource with anyone who you think stands to

You can read the opening chapter here

With very best wishes Effsie.

It looks like an interesting guide written by someone with personal experience. 

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