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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 - the year you make the decision to have children or not!

Welcome to 2013!

I've had a two week break - hooray!  I'm now gearing up to start writing on this blog (alot more often than in 2012!) and have a week full of seeing coaching clients who have committed to resolving the 'baby decision' this year.

SO, what would you like to resolve to sort out this year?

Is this the year you will finally make the decision whether to have children or be child-free?

Will you finally end the continual loop of 'will I/won't I' that's going round in your head?

Some of my blog readers find all they need here on the blog or through reading other books/blogs to help them make the decision.  And some blog readers find one-to-one coaching helps them make a decision and move on from the state of limbo (which is often accompanied by stress/anxiety/worry) by one-to-one coaching.  If you would like one-to-one coaching, I offer an initial free 30 minute consultation via Skype or telephone.  You can then decide whether you want coaching.  I see face-to-face clients in London, UK and I also see telephone/Skype clients from all over the world. Check out my coaching website at for more info about me and how I work.

Looking forward to connecting to you all through the blog during 2013! 

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