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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Not having kids is NOT the path of least resistance

 Great article on the Huffington Post on why not having children is not the path of least resistance!

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Tohru Honda said...

I can't say I understand the title of this article for what it reads, but what I can say is that it's the worst choice imaginable to choose to not have children when you are able. I know we as human beings can be very empathetic and sympathetic to others in circumstances we are not in ourselves. So I'm not saying woman like the one in this article are incapable of understanding.

HOWEVER, I will say that the woman in this article clearly does not understand the joy that comes from holding that baby in your arm for the first time after it's born. She clearly does not understand how amazingly overwhelming the love a mother has for her child (in that moment) that she should ALWAYS remember.

Now this I speak as a young woman who is not yet able to have children. I do want them, but I need to work many things out before I can be in a good situation. Meaning backing off my rheumatoid arthritis medications, and my husband graduating from college to get his career. Unless there's a wise way to pay for children with one provider working with a white collar job that gives no insurance? I can't exactly work with arthritis here!

Anyway, I am convinced that if all women knew the love a mother has for her child... Then there would be no woman who abandon having children for what are really very self-centered and selfish reasons. Some say that a child is like your heart walking around outside of its body, I believe that is true.

I have no job, and have LOADS of time to myself. Does it fulfill me? Does it make me happy? No, it does not. And frankly this woman talking of children so much tells me that something inside her is longing for more to fulfill her also, but a part of her is choosing to ignore it. Thus she's sitting on a fence. Is she happy sitting on that fence? Is she happy knowing she's accountable for not having children when she's able? Perhaps I do no more than try to emphasize, but she's looks tormented to me by something that could bring her incredible happiness if she only saw the joy in raising children.