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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Access to Family Planning and Making the Decision

One issue that I have been re-miss in addressing is the importance of access to contraception and family planning is to making the decision to have children or not.   If we do not have access to this, then we do not have the power to make the decision.

As the author points out:

'Lately, almost every week somebody asks me when I'll have children. Sexist? A little. Annoying? A lot.

When or whether to have kids is a deeply personal, life-changing decision. Luckily, I have all the tools I need to decide for myself. I have access to family planning methods, and an income to pay for them. More importantly, I have the power in my relationship, my family and my country to choose to use them, without too much pressure (besides subtle hints from mothers).

I'm not a victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence, so I feel safe at home. I know, for now, that I'll have an income even if I get pregnant, and I'll be entitled to benefits through work or social insurance. I have health insurance. I know that if I have a girl, she'll be warmly welcomed into our family. I can have 10 children if I want to – and if I choose to have none, that's also OK. Millions of women and girls aren't so lucky.'

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