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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Advice to a woman who wants a baby but her boyfriend doesn't

I found this advice column today on the above issue.  I do disagree with most of the advice given - although I do agree it's important to ask your partner about his worries and concerns.  I think that at 29 and having lived together for three years, it's perfectly reasonable to say to a partner that you would like to start trying for a child.  However, it is true that turning the issue into a conflict can push the person who is unsure about wanting children away.  A better approach, in my opinion having working with women in this very situation would be to suggest a break from the discussion and a return to contraception for a set period - say 6 months.   But then say that at the end of this period, a frank discussion about the future of the relationship and having children will need to be had.

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