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Thursday, 17 April 2014

When the holidays are difficult

If you are struggling with the decision to  have children or be childfree, holidays such as Easter which tend to be focused on children and families can be difficult.  Clients report that they can feel marginalized at family occasions if they don't have children and for those people who do want children but feel that their circumstance prevents this, it can be painful to have people at family occasions ask when they will have children.   I work with clients to find ways to deal with these situations - usually through finding ways to 'recover to our centre'.  This can be done by simple breath work and through imagining that there is a little more emotional distance between us and whatever is triggering us to feel badly.  If you are going to be at a big family gathering this weekend, take a moment and imagine that you are surrounded by a bubble of energy.  Anytime some distant relative asks an intrusive personal comment, imagine their words are landing in the bubble - not in you!   And make sure you arrange some time over the weekend to do something you enjoy - that creates space for you to look after and nuture you!

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