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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sigh. If only it was that easy!

If only making the decision to have children or not was a simple as taking this quiz.....

And if it really was that simple, there would be no need for my services, helping people make what is usually the biggest decision of their lives!

It's funny - sometimes clients say that they feel embarrassed that they need to enlist the help of a coach to help them make this decision.  Yet in most other areas of our lives, we are more than happy to call upon the support of a professional.  Who would buy a house without speaking to a mortgage broker or estate agent?  Would you sign up for a college course without speaking to an advisor at the university or college first?  And yet, for this major big life changing decision, we somehow think we should do it on our own - that we should be embarrassed to ask for help!

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