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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

When to say 'I do not want to have kids' to people I am dating?

In this advice column, I don't want to have kids a man asks for advice when he should tell women he is dating that he does not want to be a parent

I would STRONGLY advise to anyone in this situation that the topic really needs to be bought up as soon as possible - it is better to let women who do want children know this from the outset - it will save many a painful and difficult conversation later.

I see a number of clients who do want children but find themselves in relationships with people who don't.    Sometimes the childfree partners have been clear all along.  Sometimes they haven't realised they didn't want children when they started the relationship - this is understandable as many of us aren't totally clear what we may want in the future.

But if you are clear and do know you don't want to have children, have the conversation early on with your partner. 

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