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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Worried I will lose freedom if I have children?

In my coaching practice, I call upon polarities work a lot when I am working with people can't decide whether they want to be parents or not.

One of the common polarities that comes up again and again is FREEDOM VS COMMITTMENT/STRUCTURE

Clients who are struggling with this polarity often report:

- Loving their freedom & independence!
- Valuing spontaneity and the ability to do 'what I want, when I want'
- Feeling constricted or suffocated by the idea of mundane routines associated by having children
- Hating the idea of predictability

Yet usually in the pole that we are rejecting or that we find difficult to be with are positive aspects that could help & support us in life as well.

The key is to see if you can find ways to combine the positive aspects of freedom with the positive aspects of committment. Would the committment or structure of having a child be different is you knew you were still able to have freedom and independence?

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