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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Interview on BBC Radio Tees - Making the Decision to have children or stay childfree

I just appeared on BBC Radio Tees this morning talking about the decision women make to be childfree in a discussion with presenter Mike Carr and writer Kate Spicer.   Holly Brockwell, who I mentioned in yesterdays blog post was also on the programme just before us, talking about her experience.

My main point was that we need to move beyond women being seen as either successes OR failures based whether they have children or not.  One of the questions Mike asked me is what I think is helpful advice for women who are trying to decide whether to have children or not.  I think it's really important to work out whether you are being led by a fearful belief (for example, I'm worried I might not be a good mother) or not.  I also agreed with the other Kate Spicer that it's important to acknowledge that sometimes we can't have it all, that we might want children but life and circumstances have prevented that happening.

If you would like to listen to the discussion, you can go to the Listen Again Mike Carr 26 November 2015 and go to about 1 hour 22minutes in - I should appear about 5 minutes after that.  There was some discussion prior to this so if you'd like to listen to the whole segment, just rewind abit! I hope you enjoy the show!

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