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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Relegated to the worst room in the house for Christmas

'Every year I go back home for Christmas and my sister, who has a partner and a child gets the big guest room.  Meanwhile, I find myself on an uncomfortable mattress on the floor in a cold junk room. It makes me feel even worse about not having children, around not being in a conventional relationship when I get relegated to this depressing room'

Over the years, I have heard a similar story from clients who are single and who return to their parents home for Christmas.  Although obviously there are many practical reasons for being put in the less comfortable position in the house, it can feel like a symbolic put-down.   While it might not be of much comfort, many other people are in a similar position - as illustrated by this rather amusing photo blog Christmas Sleeping Arrangements

But of course, it's not just about the room you are sleeping in.  It can feel difficult when you are in the middle of conventional families having a good time when you aren't sure about having children or if you are having to make a difficult decision that you aren't going to have children because the circumstances aren't right.   If this is you, right now, reading this blog, remember you aren't alone! Try to get away from the family, go for a walk, or reconnect with other friends over social media - make a few arrangements for when you return from the break.

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