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Monday, 3 April 2017

Does coaching on the 'baby decision' help?

If you are struggling to make the decision to have children or not, you will know it can be isolating and difficult to work it through on your own.  But you might be wondering if coaching on the baby decision could actually help you or how it helps.   Some of my clients have written about what they have found helpful about coaching with me and I thought I would share it with you

'I came to Beth because I was in a panic about the decision to have children or not.  I was afraid to make the wrong decision and regretting this forever.  I have come to realise that there is no wrong or right decision and that I can live with the decision that I make.  I feel that I have fully explored the issue and am relieved to know that I will not look back on this time in my life and think that I didn't have the courage to address it head on.  Taking the time (6 months) to explore the question with Beth was the best thing I could have done to enable me to move forward on the decision.' (Cassie, Central London, 39)

“I initially came to coaching because I was struggling with the decision on whether to have a baby. I did not feel that I had friends and family who would have discussed this topic with me without having their own agenda.  Beth was just what I needed – she was very supportive but provided guidance in a completely neutral way. I eventually understood that the dilemma was actually a reflection of larger issues in my life, and we went about tackling those first. After 11 months working with Beth,  I completed coaching with greater insight on a number of areas in my life, in addition to clarifying the baby decision.” (Crystal, NYC, 36)

'I came to this coaching practice in an utter panic, pushed this way and that on whether to start a family by relatives, friends and my husband, all of whom had definite (and different) opinions on what I ought to be doing. The decision to start a family is extremely personal, yet even strangers seem to have perspectives on it, and it's easy to feel badgered and bullied even by well-meaning people. Beth helped me separate my own feelings from those of the people around me and to assess clearly what I wanted. I found the experience very calming. I would recommend that any women ambivalent about whether to start a family go through Beth's process - particularly if she feels she has no disinterested party to turn to.' ~ Virgina, 38, Writer

"Life coaching has given me the opportunity to reflect upon my life and self  chosen goals. I have made some positive changes, one of which is to  take more risks in life! I am more motivated and confident to change the  areas that I am dissatisfied with.  Beth has been extremely supportive and       with appropriate guidance and homework exercises has allowed me the  opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level. I would  recommend life coaching to anyone who seems frustrated or disillusioned  with the direction that their life is going in. "  -  Penny, 41, Teacher

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