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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Canoeing Star Eggs Frozen till after 2012 Olympics

This article appeared today. Helen Barnes an Canoeist who is 36 has decided to freeze her eggs so that she can still conceive after the nex Olympic games.

She is single and this is an option some single women are taking.

However, I do worry that it isn't the cast iron guarantee that it might sound like. She says in the article that she is glad that technology will allow her to still be a mother. However, I think some of the problems with women conceiving after 40 is the high risk of miscarriage - which sometimes has to do with the quality of the egg but sometimes not? I'm not totally sure but I think egg freezing could be an expensive option that doesn't neccesarrily result in motherhood.

But, then, if it does work then I guess why not?

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