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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Men's biological clock

A great article about men's biological clock - at the end, the author points out how if men had the same worries of their biological clock, women wouldn't feel the pressure of worrying about trying to convince reluctant partners.

From the article is this quote:

'For decades men have been diligently discovering their feminine side, and couples have been announcing “we’re pregnant”; yet the hows and whens of having a baby are still juggled primarily by women. We are the ones who hold the time lines and calendars in our heads, who have to surrender space in our bodies and clear time in our lives. Too soon could derail a career. Too late could risk infertility. Becoming a mother means compromising with biology — “settling” for a mate or for single-parenthood or for an ill-timed career interruption — in order to beat that clock.'

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