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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Why I coach women on the decision to have children or not

It's the 1st September and that autumnal feeling is here - at least here in London, England where I live and work. A reader contacted me last week - asking about how I got into coaching women on the decision to have children or not.

It was through personal experience - about seven years ago, I was in my early 30's. I had never wanted children before and my partner has a grown up son - and he pretty much didn't want to have another child.

So it came as a complete surprise - to me and to him - that I began to wonder whether I DID want children after all.

Like many of you, I looked through bookstores and on the internet - there wasn't alot of resources out there that were very helpful. In the end, after a year of soul searching and fraught discussions with my relucatant partner, I did decide to have a child.

But I always knew that I could have also picked just as fulfilled life if I had decided not to have children - it would have just been different.

When I was contemplating re-training as a coach at the Coaches Training Institute I thought that this would be an ideal situation for coaching - as coaching takes a non-judgement approach to situations and places where clients are stuck. Coaches use tools and techniques to help clients find the way that is right for them.

Now, I have clients who I coach all over the world - via the telephone. And, in London, I see clients face-to-face. It's work I love - because it's helping people through what I know, from my own experience is very, very difficult.

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