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Monday, 4 February 2013

Being a Godparent & not having your own children

I was contacted recently about the above topic by the writer of a blog aimed at new mothers.  She has written a post on choosing a Godparent which she thought my readers might enjoy and this can be found at   As this website is very much aimed at new mothers and on choosing a godparent, it doesn't really have much resonance for this blog.  HOWEVER, it got me thinking - what are the benefits to taking on the role of Godparent if you don't have children and are thinking of being childfree?  So I did some googling and found alot of blogs about the role of Godparent - particularly church based websites.  It was this post on the Episcopal Digital Network that I thought I would share as there are quote from god parents who talk about the benefits on being a godparent.

In the article, a gay childfree couple speak about their experience.

'Both Garner and Mikrut, 55, said the role has been especially meaningful because they don’t have children of their own. “We’ve been together 32 years. Now, it’s much easier for gay couples to have kids. I’m grateful to Rick and Ruth to have provided a little bit of that to us by making us god-dads and being able to be involved in Matt’s life from the time he was born.'

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