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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Writer seeking your views and experience!

I've been in touch with Katherine who is working on a fascinating project.  If you'd like to take part, please read her request.  I have spoken to her myself and she is taking a thoughtful and sensitve approach to the decision.  Here is her request:

I am an experienced journalist/writer and I'm researching and writing a
book about women and our relationship to motherhood. I am looking to
interview women and men who consider themselves to be, more or less, in the
following categories (interviewees can remain anonymous):

- Women in their 30s and 40s, single or in relationships, who feel they've
been somewhat 'caught out' by feminism and fertility, who may have built up
careers, earned their independence - only to realise they may be running
out of time to be mothers because of their age

- Single women who think they would like children and are finding dating in
their late 30s/40s challenging because men overlook them in favour of
younger women. Also women who find it challenging being around so many
other women with children

- Women, single or in relationships, who've decided to become solo mothers
or to pursue motherhood through IVF, sperm or egg donation, co-parenting or
other means, because they feel they left it too late to have babies
themselves, because they did not find the right partner in time or because
their partner did not want children

- Women who are wondering whether to stay with a partner who does not want
children or to leave in the hope they'll find someone else to father their
children or to pursue motherhood on their own (the classic 'should I stay
or should I go?' dilemma)

- Men who have opinions about the male biological clock, about the
difficulties of dating or being in relationships with women who are anxious
about their fertility or men who are/were ambivalent about children, until
the child came along

You can reach me at or on 07990 567767. I
promise to treat my interviewees with sensitivity (I am 41, single,
childless myself) and to respect anonymity if it is requested

1 comment:

WomanNorth said...

It's interesting that this writer is leaving out the categories of both men and women who may not feel "caught out" by feminism and the pursuit of their careers etc.. and who are content with their decision (or are working on it) not to pursue motherhood or fatherhood and how these people's experiences relate to ideas of women, motherhood and parenthood. It seems a major category to be overlooking in their research...