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Friday, 21 June 2013

Atlantic Magazine on the question 'How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?'

An article was printed in the Atlantic on the question of whether women's fertility is really reduced after 35.  The author states that no - looking at the research, women between 35 - 40 do not have a reduced risk of infertility.  I found it a really interesting article.  And yes, it is what every woman wants to here that you still have time.

This is a great quote from the article:

"The data, imperfect as they are, suggest two conclusions. No. 1: fertility declines with age. No. 2, and much more relevant: the vast majority of women in their late 30s will be able to get pregnant on their own. The bottom line for women, in my view, is: plan to have your last child by the time you turn 40. Beyond that, you’re rolling the dice, though they may still come up in your favour. “Fertility is relatively stable until the late 30s, with the inflection point somewhere around 38 or 39,” Steiner told me. “Women in their early 30s can think about years, but in their late 30s, they need to be thinking about months.”

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Unknown said...

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