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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I want a baby but my boyfriend doesn't. Should we split up?

So this is one of the reasons many of my clients approach me for coaching - they know they want a baby my their partner or husband doesn't.

This was a useful bit of advice in a column called I'm 31 and want a baby but my boyfriend doesn't.  Should we split up?  Although I do think leaving it 5 yeas might be a mistake as if the boyfriend doesn't change his mind, then this woman could find herself at 36 with the decision to leave and start over again even more difficult. 

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Wanna Be Mother said...

Please, share my blog with your readers so I hope my struggle can help other women to help make a decision. If you know you want to be a mother and that life won't be "complete" for you without kids, then it's best to leave sooner than later. I wish I hadn't waited so long but he kinda left things open by saying that he might change his mind. Anyways, hope some of your reader find it helpful.