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Friday, 25 October 2013

Women feel judged for leaving trying to have children till they are older

A report has been published today Why women feel 'stigmatised' for not having children

As pointed out in the report, often people leave approaching doctors when it might be better to speak to a doctor as soon as you start trying for a child.  One thing I often recommend to clients coming to me - particularly if they are over 35 is that they do approach their doctor for basic advice/tests which could highlight any fertility issues.  Below is a good point made in the article:

"Tim Child, medical director at the Oxford Fertility Unit at the University of Oxford says people are leaving it too long before going to see their GP about their fertility problems.

"When couples start talking about their fertility, that's the point to speak to a healthcare professional.

"Good advice can be given early on about weight, diet, alcohol intake etc which could help, but many couples try for years before seeking help and before they know it they are in their late 30s - and in some areas that's too old."

He says that women wrongly assume that IVF is a good fallback solution when in fact the success rates are 40-50% for the under-35s, dropping to 20% for the under-40s and just 5% for women aged up to 43."

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