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Monday, 3 November 2014

Difficult to combine motherhood & career in Japan

'In Japan just 34 per cent of mothers with children aged six or under work – compared with 55 per cent in Britain. Seventy per cent of women in Japan leave the workforce after having their first child. Many never return.
It is not hard to see why. Between work, cleaning, cooking and looking after the children, Sasaki sleeps for only three hours a night. She and her husband, a financier and traditional type who leaves the household chores to her, have lived in America and Hong Kong. She says that Japan is the hardest place of the three to be a working mother, but is adamant that she will not give up her job. “I want to do something for myself,” she insists.'
In Japan, the decision to have children is made even more difficult by the traditional role women have to take in the family.

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