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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Deciding When To Have A Child, If Ever: The Impacts Later In Life

I've just come across this article with the title above

One of the points the authors make that it's not if you decide to have children that impacts on happiness - it's whether you have someone in your life to love that impacts on you later in life.

"Whether a woman has had children or not isn’t likely to affect her psychological well-being in later life," said University of Michigan sociologist Amy Pienta. "What is more important is whether or not she has a husband, a significant other or close social relationships in her life as she ages."

They also point out that women who waited to have children untill later - i.e. late 30's where more likely to be happier than women who had children earlier in life.

I can see how as humans it makes us feel good to love someone else. And that may be a child or it may be your partner or it may be a significant other or close social relationships.

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