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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tteaching about infertility in schools?

One of the issues that some of my clients come to me with is resentment at their sex education classes in school. A typical conversation with these clients goes like this:

'At school, I was told that it would be the most dreadful thing in the world if I did get pregnanat and that I would get pregnant the second I neglected to use contraception.

And now, I'm finding that I'm bombarded with hysterical newspaper headlines that say that I've put my chances of ever having children at risk by leaving it till my late 30's!'

So I was very intersted to read this article about how the new head of the Human Embryo and Fertizalisation Authority is urging young people to be taught the issues around infertility in sex education and to prepare them for the fact they might not get pregnant!

I'm kinda thinking - though while it would be useful for young people later in life - it might simply increase teenage pregnancies!!

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