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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The debate on having children and the envrionment continues

Does having children hurt the environment? There is an on-going debate whether people should have children at all from a green perspective. Radical environmentalists are adament that people should choose a child-free life to help save the planet.

One green blogger is definately not of that opinion!

Personally, I think that there are many other factors that are damaging the environment - industrial pollution for instance - that need to be addressed as a matter of priority.

But, if you are deeply committed to environmental causes and are also struggling with the decision to have children, this debate could impact on the decision making - or maybe it would influence you to look at other options like fostering or adoption?


Listener said...

I really just want to ask a question. What if, like me, your partner has decided that his way to contribute to the well-being of the world environmentally is to not have kids. I only recently discovered my desire to have children and this disagreement about children is causing me great distress. For him, however, it doesn't seem to matter how I am feeling. Which is uncharacteristic as he is usually a very caring person.
I would like some advice as to some reasons women want children. I cannot seem to put my reasons into sentences or words, as it does seem to just be an overwhelming feeling. Can anyone help me with some words, as I feel unless I have some words to explain to him how I feel, we will never get anywhere.
Many thanks,

Beth said...

Hi there!

It is always a difficult dilemma when one person wants children and the other doesn't.

Like you said, the decision for you isn't strictly a logical one - as it is for your partner. You have an overwhelming urge.

I suggest you do some writing for yourself before speaking to him. How do you feel about having children? Why is is important to you? How will you feel if you decide not to have children because of your parnter? Will you feel resentful?

When you speak to him - try to be calm and acknowledge that he does have logical and valid reasons for not having children. Despite this, you feel very strongly that you want children. How can you work together to create an outcome that will work for you both?

If you need more help, let me know. I offer coaching to women around this issue and it may be that you need a bit of focussed work to help you clarify what future your wanting and whether, if he still says no, you want to continue in the relationship or not. My email address is