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Sunday, 16 August 2009

More signs of declining birth rate

More evidence of a declining birth rate reported in this Detroit newspaper

The article, 'Where have all the children gone?' looks at the sharp decline in the birth rate in the state of Michigan which has had the highest drop in population and asks why. One of the reasons given is the economy and another, is the move of young people out of the area.

Although the issues in this state seem linked in with the economy and people migrating from the area as well, I think there are two key reaons generally why the birth rate is declining:

a) living a child-free life is now much more of a culturally acceptable option, people do not feel as pressured into have children


b) women are putting off having children now till much later - this can mean that some of these women may find that they are unable to have children - resulting in people becoming child-free but not by choice.

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