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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Going it alone - Deciding to have children as a single mother

I'm always on the look out for example of women who have considered an 'unconventional' option to either becoming a mother or in becoming childfree as many of my clients would like examples of other women who have followed a different path.

In the Evening Standard today, there was an interesing feature about Helene Darroze, a high profile restauranteur who decided to adopt two children in her early 40's after had always wanted family and she admits:

" I was in love with a man in Paris and if this guy had asked me to marry him and have a family, I would have done it like a shot."

But because this didn't work out and finding herself in her late 30's and not in a relationship, she decided to adopt and is very happy with how things turned out.

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