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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Should I have a baby on my own?

If a woman is in her mid - late 30's and, for whatever reason, their relationship hasn't worked out or the right man hasn't come along, this is a question that can emerge.

One of the common things I hear as a coach is that the idea of having a baby on our own can feel sad and disappointing as it means letting go of a dream - the dream of being in a relationship and family. And it's important that we give space to experience and give voice to that feeling of disappointment.

Once client have done that, I also encourage them to think about what they could be embracing by going down this route of having a child on their own - what are the gifts and possibilities that might emerge here?

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Unknown said...

It's not just women over 30. I'm 26 and I want to have a baby. Given that so many people get divorced it makes you wonder if it's worth waiting in the first place.

For me it's just a question of finance. I have a mortgage and car payments.