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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Having children over 50

One of the unintended consquences of struggling with the decision to have children or not is that, if you do decide to have a child, you could be having a child abit later in life.  I don't often see women in their 50's but I have had women in their mid 40's come to see me.  As in the case of the woman in this article, if you start tackling the decision of whether you want children or not in your mid 40's, you could end up having a child over 50.  I thought this was a great personal article exploring one woman's decision making process.

What was intersesting is that she and her partner did not have a clear discussion about the decision and had made assumptions that the other didn't want children when this wasn't the case. 

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Kate Watson said...

having children is not only came from the mother childbirth herself. imho, we can adopt orphan children who need new home and love. Beside, being pregnant at that age is really risky.