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Sunday, 18 November 2012

On not being a grandmother

Lovely piece in the Guardian called Why I never became a gran.  The writer Diana Athill, in her 90's talking about not having children and therefore not being a grandmother.  It is great to see a woman being positive  when she is looking back on her life.

'That I have never become a grandmother, or indeed a mother, ought, I suppose, to be a matter of regret, but I can't say that it is. In middle age I had a brief spasm of hormone-dictated urge to breed, but I think an earlier experience is nearer the truth of my nature. ...Now I have reached great-grandmother age, I dearly love certain young people of my acquaintance and am happy to have them in my life, but am I sorry that they are not my descendants? No, I much prefer thinking of them as surprising and very gratifying friends.'


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