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Friday, 16 November 2012

The cost of having children - is it sensible to opt out of parenthood in order to remain childfree?

There has been debate in America sparked by this article recently published in the NYT:

I've mentioned the issue of finance and the decision about whether to have children or not several times on my blog before.  In my experience of coaching women for over six years around this issue is that finance is rarely the prime sticking point in making this decision. That is echoed by the surprise of the writer of the above piece that she found that the issue was hardly mentioned in books she had read about the subject.  I personally  believe that when someone is really struggling with the decision and hasn't already decided to be child free for instance, the logical focus on things like finance don't apply.   It's an old joke that if everyone totted up how much children cost, no one would have any!

In response, an article on the NYT Motherlode parenting blog was published called The Benefit in Dollars of Raising a Child

Interesting debate.  What are your thoughts?

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