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Monday, 6 January 2014

Testimonial from a coaching client

I just started my New Year coaching with a completion session with a client - after coaching with my for about 6 months, she felt that she was ready to complete the coaching.   At the end of the coaching, I like to carry out a completion session with clients where they can say what they are pleased with, what they felt they shifted or changed and also, feedback on what didn't work so well or what they would have liked more of in the coaching.  This helps me to reflect on my coaching and check that  people are getting value from the coaching.  And then, if clients want, I invite them to write a short testimonial about the coaching.  This is what my client I talked to today wrote.

'What I really enjoyed was having someone listen to my mental wandering, unbiased, without judgement, giving me the reassurance I needed.  Guided meditation helped unlock some hidden feelings.  It helped me realise that the answer was there all along – I just needed to listen and trust myself.'

- Cathy

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