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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Women deciding not to be mothers

'Today, there are many more choices - or more openness. To have a baby out of wedlock. To have a baby without a father. To have a baby and return to work. To have a baby and give up work. To have fertility treatment, and then a baby (or not).  But what about not becoming a mother at all? Studies in the UK, Europe and the United States show this is now the choice of significant numbers of women.
Once this was considered insane or unnatural. Even today, it is viewed with suspicion - women with no desire to procreate say they sometimes face awkward questions and disapproval.'  For more - go to the full story here

 A few years ago, I had the good fortune to appear on Women's Hour, a BBC Radio 4 talk show to discuss the issue of women deciding not to have children.    (to listen to this discussion, go to my website and find the link on the home page)

It was an important and fascinating discussion.  One of the arguments that another panelist used was that she believed that nurturing and caring values were very important and that the best way for this value to be lived was through mothering.  My counter-argument (and firm belief) is that those values can be lived in a wide range of ways - not simply through being a parent.

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