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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Perspective from one of my coaching clients

'I had come to a point in my relationship where I was going to have to make a tough decision either way, and I wanted to make sure that firstly it was the right one (although I was sure it was), and secondly how to go about doing it in a calm and controlled manner.  Beth was completely unbiased, which I really appreciated as this isn't the case with my family, friends, and partner.  The coaching gave me tools to go through my decision making process, alongside anxiety-reducing techniques.

I needed the space that Beth provided to look at myself and my future, and how I was going to make it what I wanted with or without my partner.  It felt very selfish but the result has been for the benefit of both of us and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone going through the life-changing decision of whether to have a child or not.'   ~ Sarah, health care worker, 33

(from a testimonial written by a client who recently completed coaching with me)


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