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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Susan Sarandon - On being an older mother

'There were, she says, advantages to having a child at that point in her life.  She had sufficient resources to quite work for a while, and didn't feel guilty at leaving the Hollywood rat race.  "Because I was old - 39 when I had my first and 45 when I had my third - and my profession had been demystified.  I thought that being with my kids, at that time, was so much more interesting."  Susan Sarandon  in this article

I am finding that more and more women in their late 30's are considering the decision to become a mother (or not)  They are aware that if they do want to have children they need to make the decision fairly soon but sometimes can have fears and concerns about being a mother later than they expected. But as Sarandon points out, there are advantages to having children in your late thirties.  Often you are more established in your career, you have more life experience and as Sarandon points out in the article above, we are often searching for something 'bigger than ourselves' to give our lives meaning. And, as Sarandon says in the article, this does not have to be having children.  It could be volunteering, activism, political work.

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