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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Plantonic parenting arrangements get popular

 Research doesn’t yet exist on platonic parenting; it is too recent a phenomenon for that. Elaine Gordon, a clinical psychologist specializing in reproductive medicine in Los Angeles, says she looks at studies of other types of nontraditional families, such as same-sex couples and extended family members — aunts, uncles, grandparents — serving as primary caregivers. “I think if anything is done right, it’s probably going to be fine, but we don’t know what’s right yet,” she says. “There would have to be long-range research.”

In my book 'Baby or Not: Making the Biggest Decision of Your Life', I dedicate a whole chapter to the topic of co-parenting.   When you enter into a co-parenting arrangement, you are having a child with someone who you are not in a romantic or sexual relationship with.  It has been gaining in popularity as it is a way for people who do want children but don't have a partner to have support while raising a child.  I wanted to explore this in my book as I feel it a creative and interesting option that many people will not heard of or considered.

This article talks about about the development of coparenting websites in the US.

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